February 5, 2016

Fight Your Broken Work Routines With the Pomodoro Technique

People try different methods, tools, and approaches to fight their broken work routines. When I inquire people about their biggest struggle as a startup or as an entrepreneur, 8 out of 10 come up with answers like getting punctual and disciplined…

pomodoro technique

February 4, 2016

Finding Your Inner Rockstar

When I analyze people of my age gearing up with “good jobs”, most of them are not interested in what they do. They are pretty much frustrated and think that they can prove to be a lot more productive than…

finding your inner rockstar

February 2, 2016

How Giving Up “Self Rules” Help in your Professional Career?

This morning while I was watching the third episode of Superstore, I was triggered by a situation which I sometimes face in my professional life. We come across scenarios when willingly or unwillingly do things which negate our “Self Rules”.

giving up self rules

May 4, 2015

How to install WordPress Manually on a server?

WordPress is vastly growing Content Management System (CMS for short) and also a blogging platform. And according to the current status of WordPress you can almost build any type of website you want. In this article, we will be explaining…

Managing and Adding Images in WordPress

Images are itself a story teller than text. A post that includes an album or picture receives 80% more engagement and appeal more to the readers than a text-based post. In fact, web users are expecting a more view-able and interactive experience nowadays when…

Adding Categories & Tags in WordPress

Bloggers write lots and lots of content everyday. This content needs to be categorized according to their niche. For this purpose different categories are generated according to their genre. For an example;  if I talk about WordPress, the blog based on…

April 16, 2015

How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Plugin is a small piece of software that can extend functionality of WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. You don’t need everything in every site you build WordPress. E.g. You can build an online store with a…