I’m a WordPress Journalist cum Researcher who can turn the torrent of words into something of an acceptable length. First, I used to describe myself as a 360 digital writer but since this last year, WordPress brought a life-changing experience. Despite being an Electrical Engineer, I found this open source script quite intriguing and have specialized in using the right mix of words and visuals to convey my thoughts and opinions about WordPress.

Currently, I’m a part of WPTie and offering my services as the Creative Director. I’ve been reviewing several plugins, themes and frameworks. Apart from this, I’m also a part of the startup called FinkTanks which reflected the entrepreneurial aspect of my personality. I’ve been regularly conducting blogging relevant training sessions exclusively for women through which I’ve managed to change lives of more than 700 women.

How I Got Started?

I always had a thing for writing and socializing online. Five years ago, I met an amazing team of entrepreneurs and we had a joint venture. I initially started writing for tech blogs like Freakify.com and a few others.

By the time I graduated, I had expanded my team from just me to 15 people. It feels great to be working on what I want and when I want! Obviously, it’s not an easy thing. Now it’s been a year since I’ve started to practice my skills at a more professional platform, and believe me, the feeling has never been this better.

It is all about being creative, supportive, failing-addict and leaving your comfort zone to do something big. But I like it. I don’t have to go for a job, which means traveling sucks. I do it all by being at home. We have a remote setup which makes it all more fun.


December 10, 2015