I’m a WordPress Journalist cum Researcher who can turn the torrent of words into something of acceptable length. Currently, I'm a part of WPTie and offering my services as the Creative Director. I've been reviewing several plugins, themes and frameworks.

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2016 — the Year Everything Changed!

If my recollection of lost isn’t misleading me, then it was probably the same month (I mean January) when I read the year in review by Ahmad Awais. Though I had been regularly scrolling through different annual reports and statistics,…


The Making of a WordPress Journalist

Here’s my story of how I went from being an Electrical Engineer to a WordPress Journalist cum Researcher and how I managed my passion for becoming my paycheck. Today, I review products, provide WordPress support and handle technical documentations. P.S….


Shiny Updates Partial Merger in WordPress 4.6

The much awaited WordPress version 4.6 has been in the pipeline for quite some time and with every passing day, we’re heading towards its release. The traditional weekly round-ups and meetings are also underway which unveil the features of the…

good grammar for blogging

Good Grammar is Sexy

Blogging is very modern in many ways, but at the same time, it is very traditional and weird. Despite my busy schedule, I struggle to read lots of content but freak out when I come across some major grammatical error….


Add a Facebook “Save” Button With FB Save Button for WP Plugin

Lately, Automattic released a plugin for Facebook’s instant articles after they abandoned its official WordPress plugin last year. Instant Articles for WordPress as the name goes displays a list of posts in the traditional Facebook markup. You can call it…


Why Following Back Your Followers is a Tough Decision?

So you want people to follow you on social media? The good news is that there are plenty of such platforms out there, from Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn. Individuals who follow you on social networking platforms make quite a difference…


I Tried Not to Post Food Photos but Couldn’t Stop Myself

Photographing food on social media is one of the weirdest trends people follow these days. This can be hilarious for some while annoying for others. The latter lot even call it a kind of mental illness but apparently the opinion…

interlinking blog posts in wordpress

How Interlinking in WordPress Improves Site Stats?

Interlinking in WordPress not only improves the ranking but also drives more traffic to your website. Bloggers who don’t link old articles to the recent ones miss a significant chance of boosting search traffic. The internet is overwhelmed with loads…

choosing a simple approach

How Complex Can Simple Be?

I remember the days when Ma’am June Williams (my fourth grade English teacher) used to conduct a weekly session of a 2-minute simple extempore speech. Since then, these two words have always been there in my subconscious making me realize…


Using Categories and Tags More Effectively in WordPress

Categories and tags are the key features of a WordPress site. You can easily group articles according to their content type and add tags with the ease of a reader. A blog post can be assigned two or more categories, but…