The WordPress community is full of amazing people. That’s what you’ll find on this page.

We spend a lot of our time building professional open source software used by thousands of developers and half a million websites. Very strongly committed to the WordPress software and its community. WordPress is even a part of my life now.

In the last couple of years, both of us have contributed to the WordPress core, Customizer, Gutenberg Editor, WP REST API, Codex/Dev Reference/Handbooks, and a number of other projects. 30%-50% of our times goes into building and maintaining open source software (70+ of them).

It’s very very hard to build, maintain, teach, and support open source software. That’s where these awesome WordPress businesses step in. They help us keep our software free. Which is how they are contributing to the WordPress Community.

Everything we open source for the web community is because of the incredible folks listed below. Be sure to check them out as they are playing their part in giving back to the community. That in my book is a quality worth recommending!

TheDevCouple partners get exposure throughout our portfolio of more than 2 Million developers (site visitor traffic), and on every open source project that they get sponsored. Sooner than later we will launch free courses supported by the community. — is run by my husband Ahmad Awais and me Maedah Batool (and the editorial team).

These companies are helping us help YOU. Because of them, we are able to help improve the code quality, coding best practices, dev-workflows, and even the WordPress core. 🙌

P.S. If you’d like to be one, contact us!


October 12, 2017