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March 12, 2019

🐱 2018 Year In Review — Open Source Program Management & WP Marketing Rep

From developing my static site generator pudl to becoming a WordPress Marketing Team Representative, 2018 was a whole lot of interesting year with several uplifting moments for me. It was a year of tremendous growth, some major milestones, new beginnings, and learnings.

March 13, 2018

🦁 2017 Year in Review: TheDevCouple Core Contribution, Open Source, & Google

2017 was a wonderful year, I was able to accomplish a lot, become a WordPress Core Contributor (first female from PK) twice, kickstart TheDevCouple Campaign, and improve upon hundreds of open source projects with my better half. I am also in the job market looking for the next big opportunity and in the review, I discussed my interviews at Google.


January 10, 2017

🦊 2016 — the Year Everything Changed!

If my recollection of lost isn’t misleading me, then it was probably the same month (I mean January) when I read the year in review by Ahmad Awais. Though I had been regularly scrolling through different annual reports and statistics,…

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