Learn Visual Studio Code — Become a VSCode Power User!

Ahmad Awais has announced a course to help developers become Visual Studio Code Power User. If you are interested in building a better development workflow, or if you want to save five to ten hours a week by being super productive, then sign up. Become a Visual Studio Code Power Developer. 💯

March 20, 2018


My better half, Ahmad Awais is launching a course to help you become a Visual Studio Code Power User. 💥

🤔 I, along with Ahmad, have been writing code with the Sublime Text editor for more years than I can count. Last year, we made a switch and slowly moved all of our workflows and snippets/settings to Visual Studio Code. It was the best thing that happened to us. VSCode is super awesome.

✅ Not only that, but we learned how to become the power users of VSCode. We have already contributed to the project have also started contributing by building a team of translators to translate VSCode in Urdu.

👨‍🏫 This year, Ahmad promised himself to finally launch a course to teach developers how to save a bunch of time every single week while using our favorite open source code editor i.e. Visual Studio Code and become a VSCode Power User.

Become A Visual Studio Code Power User

Ahmad has already spent about six months planning and recording this course, it will also serve as his online teaching reboot since he used to teach via FinkTanks, way back then, after what five years? So, I am super psyched. Wish you good luck, Ahmad. Folks sign up! 💯

Peace! ✌


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