The New Bluehost!

Bluehost has launched their new interface which guides newbies to get started with their WordPress site setup, manage it and access their marketplace. The team at Bluehost is calling it as the NEW Bluehost experience, and until now the initiative looks great.

August 10, 2017


If any WordPress business which has remained so consistent throughout these years is web hosting. While talking to Ahmad (@MrAhmadAwais ) — who’s been an active WP developer for more than a decade — narrates that earlier it was hard to find a web host for WordPress. But today it seems that every hosting company is made to serve the WordPress users.

Well, the reasons for it are quite evident, and I’m not going to wade into that debate here. Instead, I am going to share a remarkable goal which Bluehost has achieved as a prominent name in the hosting space.

So here’s the new thing!

🎖 Bluehost has launched their new interface which guides newbies to get started with their WordPress site setup, manage it and access their marketplace.

The team at Bluehost is calling it as the NEW Bluehost experience, and until now the initiative looks great.


🎊 What’s in the “NEW” Bluehost?

The new Bluehost experience has been designed to deliver the following:

  • Simplified User Onboarding
  • WordPress Site Management
  • Marketplace Experience

👀 Simplified User Onboarding

The concept of user onboarding gels with WordPress. But I think it has been ignored for the last couple of years. The process needs to be refined. Ahmad has already penned down his thoughts about the disconnects of the user onboarding experience in WordPress.

I’m glad that Bluehost got it covered and in the most beautiful way. The new Bluehost has locked all the tasks of the WP site setup (starting from the info about DNS till the selection of WP theme) into a single button. From here a user gets straight to the design process.

⚙️ WordPress Site Management

To prevent the hassle of managing multiple WordPress websites, Bluehost’s new interface offers an exclusive section for it. Now users can save both their time and resources.

I must say this is quite a smart initiative and a few notable names are already providing this service. Let’s not forget, ManageWP Orion which offers a complete site management suite to its users.

💹 Marketplace Experience

What else could have been better than a direct access from the Bluehost accounts to a well-integrated marketplace? From where users can buy the products they need to build, brand, and grow their online presence. This is an excellent feature which Bluehost users can enjoy.

According to Brady Nord — the Vice President of Product at Bluehost and co-founder of MOJO Marketplace — they have integrated MOJO Marketplace into Bluehost via their APIs.

Let me remind that the Bluehost Marketplace (called the MOJO) includes premium hosting, add-ons, domains, and WordPress themes, plugins, services, and support.

So now, if you list your products on MOJO they will appear inside the Bluehost marketplace. — says Brady.

🍕 Other Key Highlights

In addition to all these highlights, every new WordPress site on Bluehost will benefit from their latest security and performance features like:

  • PHP7
  • HTTP/2
  • SSD Hardware
  • NGINX+ Cache
  • WordPress Staging
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free worldwide CDN

🎤 Community Feedback

Right after this news was made public, it gathered a very warm response from the WordPress community. People are terming it as a huge milestone towards driving more people to WordPress.

Even Matt Mullenweg stepped forward and praised this effort:

⚡️ This looks great, and an excellent evolution for everyone using WP on Bluehost. I know a lot of hard work into this, congrats to the team!

Syed Balkhi – Founder of WPBeginner, said:

⚡️ This new Bluehost interface is a huge step forward. It makes it easy for beginners to get started and setup their WordPress site. And I like that it doesn’t alienate advanced users because you have features like staging, the ability to change PHP versions, and access to the full cPanel interface if you need it.

Overall A+ on the work!

Ahmad Awais response was also quite welcoming:

⚡️ This looks dope! I think we should all appreciate the amount of hard work being put into it. A few of mine clients that host their sites at Bluehost are talking good stuff about this new onboarding process already! IMHO this can have a huge impact on the WordPress community in general.

So, what’s next?

It’s been quite some time since efforts are put in improving the user workflow, and Bluehost’s hard work is truly reflected. It is one of the best hosting companies and seeing them coming up with stuff like this depicts that the hosting businesses are ready to step up their game.

Precisely it was the same time, last year when ManageWP Orion was launched, and so far it is doing well. This means that WordPress site management is yet another niche which business can tap on.

This new Bluehost platform is beyond what Orion delivers, and it will definitely take the WordPress experience to the next level. We all are looking forward to what else they can add to it. Overall, I loved the idea, and I wish all the best to their entire team.



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